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Class News - Broadwood

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Broadwood site:

W/E 24/01/2020 - Strawberries - Superstar:  Tiago 
This week we enjoyed learning Zog and all about castles.  We made castles on our welly walk too.  Next week we are learning Paper Dolls and thinking about adventure stories.


W/E 24/01/2020 - 1/2M, 1/2W, 1/2OT - Superstars: Scarlett L, Emily L and Jack A
We have been brilliant at story writing this week with careful planning and detailed writing based on The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.  Next week we are looking forward to learning poems and lines for our upcoming assembly.  Please remember to join Seesaw if you haven't already.
W/E 24/01/2020 - 3/4R, 3/4M, 3/4I - Superstars: Elliott E, Oscar A and Freddie H
Please log in to Seesaw and "like" our welcome message to consent to your child being a part of class or group photos.  We have been carrying on with division in maths and researching Mexico in geography.  Next week we will be carrying on with our Mayan Enquiry as well as getting our groove on at the Winter Disco next Thursday evening.

/E  24/01/2020 - 5TR - Superstar: Joshua G
This week we have enjoyed reading a range of different poems.  On Tuesday 28 January, we will be participating in an architecture workshop.

W/E 24/01/2020 - 6HP- Superstar: Charlotte T

We have started to write our non-chronological reports on the rainforest.  In maths we have been grappling with percentages.   We have started to look at Henri Rousseau in art.  Next week we are going to be doing some rainforest art in the style of Henry Rousseau.