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Class News - Pound Pill

Below you'll find the latest news from the classes at our Pound Pill site:

W/E: 13/03/20 Apples/Pears - Superstars: 

This week we had a visit from Dexter's daddy who works for the police force, as well as a visit from the MoD who talked about vehicles.  We witnessed some chicks hatching and even held them!  We also visited the library - thoroughly enjoyed by all.  
Next week we are looking forward to children running the school on Friday and wearing pyjamas for bedtime stories on Thursday.


W/E: 13/03/20 1B and 1W - Superstars: Gigi U

We have had an exciting week - it has been Science Week.  We had a visit from MoD Corsham who did some building activities with us.  
Next week, children will be running the school for the day.  We will be working to find the half of shapes and quantities.


W/E: 13/03/20 2F and 2A - Superstars: Theo

This week we enjoyed making dens outside as part of Science Week with our visitors from the RAF.  They were interested to find out what engineers in the RAF do too.
Next week we are looking forward to visiting the SS Great Britain in Bristol.


W/E: 13/03/20 3K and 3W - Superstars: 

We have been learning about pop art and electricity this week.
Next week we are looking forward to Yer 6 running the school for the day on Friday.


W/E: 13/03/20 4PH and 4E - Superstars: 

We enjoyed performing our assembly to parents, friends and the rest of the school.  We also enjoyed meeting our visitor from the MoD as part of Science Week.  We have started to create a piece of batik artwork inspired by the Mayans.
Next week we are looking forward to Year 6 running the school on Friday.


W/E: 13/03/20 5R and 5B - Superstars:  

We have been decorating our own Egyptian tombs and started to practice our assembly.
Next week we will be enjoying a visit to the library and another visitor from the MoD is coming to explore chemical reactions.


W/E: - 13/03/20 6R and 6VS- Superstars:

We have really enjoyed learning about lights with STEM.  We have also loved playing netball this week.
Next week we are looking forward to our Year 6 Wonderful Wellness Warrior Party running the school for the day on Friday.