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Sports Mornings

Corsham Primary Sports Mornings

Corsham Primary School Sports Day Results

With four wonderful mornings, Corsham Primary School managed to put on their annual Sports Days. It was great to see all the children enjoy themselves and have lots of spectators cheering the children along.

The children took part in a range of events from: sprints, bean bag shuttle runs, hurdles, egg and spoon and throwing and were able to earn points for their coloured teams. Scores from the Key Stage two events were added to the scores from Foundation Stage and Key Stage one to give a winning team for Pound Pill and Broadwood.

Pound Pill Cup results:

1st Red, 2nd Yellow, 3rd Blue, 4th Green

Broadwood Cup results:

1st Blue, 2nd Yellow, 3rd Red, 4th Green

By the end of all the Sports mornings, the scores were collated together to give an overall Corsham Primary School winning team.

Overall results for Corsham Primary School Sports day:

1st Red with 554 points

2nd Blue with 512 points

3rd Yellow with 493 points

4th Green with 337 points

Well done to all the children, it was so lovely to see them enjoying themselves out there.