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Wellbeing Advocates

Change Team

Our 'Change Team' was formed in response to working towards the ‘Wellbeing Award for Schools’ - they are part of and work closely with the whole of the school community to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for everybody.

  • Senior Leadership Team – Kerry Parker and Lindsay Fry
  • Assistant Deputy – Clare Vines
  • Teachers – Geoff Biddall and Laura Richards
  • Teacher as child representative – Nicola Ryan
  • Teaching Assistant – Gemma Smail and Heidi Martin
  • Parents – Gayle Lui and Lesley Lye
  • Governors – Jo Mavir
  • Wellbeing Team – Natalie Coles
  • Family Support Team – Sophie Challis

Strands represented:

  • Parents – Gayle Lui, Lesley Lye, Jo Mavir and Sophie Challis
  • Staff - Geoff Biddall, Laura Richards, Heidi Martin, and Natalie Coles
  • Pupils – Gemma Smail and Nicola Ryan 

Wellbeing Team

Details to follow

  • Natalie Coles
  • Kathryn Candlin
  • Katherine Ford
  • Jayne Weatherill